Hutt St Zendo

The Adelaide Zen Group meets Zazen meetings every Sunday mornings and Thursday Evenings at 172 Hutt Street, Adelaide, (The Hatha Yoga Centre).

Newcomers please attend Sunday morning first for induction

Apart from zazen(seated meditation), the meetings can also include an encouragement talk or dokusan (one-to-one meeting) by our teacher.

Zazen meetings are not restricted to members only, although it helps us if you let us know in advance if you are a new participant planning to come along for the first time. Please telephone or e-mail beforehand.

Sunday zazen schedule:

8:40 am - welcome and orientation for newcomers

9:00 - Zazen (seated meditation)

9:25 - Kinhin (walking meditation)

9:30 - Zazen (seated meditation)

9:55 - Kinhin (walking meditation)

10:00 - Zazen (seated meditation)

10:25 - Kinhin (walking meditation)

10:30 - Raihai (three bows) followed by chanting, closing chant and Raihai

11:00 am - Finish

Thursday zazen schedule:

7:30 pm - Zazen (seated meditation)

7:55 - Kinhin (walking meditation)

8:00 - Zazen (seated meditation)

8:25 - Kinhin (walking meditation)

8:30 - Zazen (seated meditation)

8:55 - Kinhin (walking meditation)

9:00 - Raihai (three bows) followed by chanting, closing chant and Raihai

9:30 pm - Finish

The zazen schedule is held in silence, please be on time if you wish to attend.

Please respect the silence and meditation space.

The bowing and chanting ceremonies are not compulsory. If you do not wish to participate in them, we ask that you please retain seated silence during these times.

We try to hold a number of Sesshin (Meditation Retreat) each year. These are fully residential retreats lasting for 3, 5 or 7 days. Non-members are also welcome to these events.